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The Latest Netflix Obsession

I watched ‘Cheer’ on Netflix a few weeks ago and became obsessed. I watched the entire series in one day. Then that weekend I made my boyfriend watch the whole thing with me again. If you haven’t ever seen it, you NEED to!!! It looks like I’m not the only one obsessed with the show…. Reese... Read More
Luke Combs

Country Music MEGA STAR To Play SNL February 1st!

This Guy Will Be Only The 9th Country Artist On SNL In The Past 5 Years... Related: Check Out The Music Video For Luke Combs New Song 'Beer Never Broke My Heart' February is going to start off HUGE for Luke Combs! Saturday Night Live tweeted out their hosts and musical guests for the first two... Read More
Washington State

You Know You Are From Washington When...

You know you are from Washington when..... Anna - You have no less than 15 different coats! Rain proof, wind proof, snowboard/ski jacket, gortex, car coat, lightweight, heavy weight, and everything in between! Sarah - "The mountain's out" makes perfect sense as a weather forecast. Tonia - You sit... Read More
Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt's DUI Case Is Going To A Grand Jury

Sam Hunt may have to face a Grand Jury to decide his legal fate... Related: Sam Hunt Arrested for DUI in Nashville After Driving Wrong W Back in November, Sam Hunt was arrested for a DUI, blowing almost twice the legal limit and having open containers in the vehicle. Today, Friday, was supposed to... Read More
Getty Image

Parent Approved "Swear" Words

When you have a three year old like I do, you have to watch what you say. Right now Jude swears like a drunken sailor. I need good alternatives I can use around him. So far this is what our Morning Wolfpack has come up with…. Sub for get your s*** together, Get your poop in a group Son of a... Read More