Christmas...It's Started!

November 17, 2016

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Ok, we haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving, but the Christmas vibe is absolutely in play.  We're going to see thousands of stories, lists, ideas, dos & don't, you name it, over the next 5 weeks.  Are you ready?  We didn't think you were, so how about a few little nuggets to help you ease into the season.  Don't forget to be jolly, will ya???  Ready, set, go, Christmas!

Movies always get you in the mood and Hallmark Channel has become the "go to" place for Christmas movies.  Set your DVR, again and again and again!

Next, a refresher course on why kids get Christmas presents...lots and lots of them!

Ok...take these ideas now while you still have time!  Five plus weeks, that's still a lot of time to get all your shopping done, isn't it???

Oh, and if you need a little cash to get those presents, well how do get the cash?  Hmm, perhaps an answer or two!

We'll do more Christmas soon right here on!