What's Russ Thinking??????

November 17, 2016

Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports


So we know he's got  the Philadelphia Eagles on his mind this weekend, but you've got to think that everyone's favorite Hawk's QB, Russell Wilson has other things on his mind too, right??  So heading into the weekend, let's see just a few of "What's Russ Thinking??", courtesy of good old DangerRuss's twitter feed (it's like his stream of conscienceness!)

As always, Russ is hanging with the kids at Seattle Children's Hospital.  Russ visits the kids often and is a great inspiration to so many of them, who are fighting to get well.  Based on the smiles, he is a huge help!

Looks like there's more sports on Russ' mind too.  Very cool that he's on the team with Chris Hansen to try and build an arena to bring the Sonics back!  Check out the article he wrote for Player's Tribune, a website where sports stars write the stories!  (Basketball AND Hockey?  This guy likes his sports!)

Baby's got new shoes!  Or the kids do at least, 'cause Russ has a new line just for the kiddos!  And who knows, maybe they'll do some special for Baby Wilson, who's on the way soon!

And the best part is, Russ shares it all!  Thanks @DangerRuss...we love knowing what's on your mind!