Hero Saves More than 50 People from Houston Floods

September 1, 2017

An artist and music producer in Port Arthur, Texas says he waited about 8 hours for a rescue helicopter to show up for his family, before he decided to take matters into his own hands.

23-year-old Gaelon Phillips says he worked with his uncle and a friend to rescue 50 people, including newborn babies, sick people and the elderly. He said, “People need to know it’s not just Houston that is affected by this we all need help here too - don’t forget us. I want people to see what we are going through.”

Gaelon’s home began to flood at around midnight on Tuesday evening. He says he began calling all the emergency numbers he could as he saw the water was rising fast - but there was no response. He says he eventually climbed onto his roof and managed to flag down a helicopter at 8 am on Wednesday morning.

He says the helicopters rescuers told him they couldn’t rescue his mother because they had to prioritize a neighbor with a brain aneurysm. He says he then waited on the roof for his uncle to come around with a boat, and they went to rescue all the other people that they could.