'Even Though I'm Leaving' Is The New Song From Luke Combs That May Make You Cry [LISTEN]

Listen to the song, and watch the music video NOW! Warning....You might cry.

September 9, 2019

Getty Images / Jason Kempin / Staff


Luke Combs has a new song called 'Even Though I'm Leaving' and it's a REAL tear jerker! Watch the video and listen to the song NOW, just have a tissue close. 

The lyrics for 'Even Though I'm Leaving' start out with a young boy worried about his dad leaving him alone with the monsters under his bead, then shifts to him preparing to be deployed to serve his country. At the end of the song, he is with his dad as he prepares to pass away. 

WARNING...This song could make the room you're in...VERY dusty. Or maybe it's just allergies.