Taylor Swift CONFIRMED New Music! But...Will It Be Country? We Think It Might Be!

Taylor Swift surprised fans in Nashville today to give us clues about her new music!

April 25, 2019

Getty Images/ Leah Puttkammer / Stringer Editorial

Is Taylor Swift headed back to Country Music??

Taylor Swift has been teasing something BIG coming on 4/26, fans have been speculating that it will be new music. Today, she confirmed that tonight there will be new music from her! 

Taylor even debuted a mural in Nashville that has clues to the new music within the mural. 

So... @kelseymontagueart helped me pull off the best surprise clue reveal today in Nashville!! Thank you to everyone who showed up, I’ve never been more proud of your FBI level detective skills. Next clue: I’ll be joining the magnificent @robinrobertsgma for a chat tonight on ABC live from Nashville --------------

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So far, Taylor fans have found some clues in the mural! There are 13 hearts, seven stars, two lady bugs, two rainbows, three cats, what could be a yellow brick road, eight-ish flowers, and LOTS of colorful patterns. 

Taylor also confirmed that tonight she will be giving another clue on ABC around 8pm,  which is the same time that the NFL Draft coverage is happening, this years NFL Draft is all focused around Country Music, seems a bit fishy that Taylor is making another announcement during that...right? Also, Nashville is the Country Music Capital, you think if she was making a pop album, she would have this mural up in L.A or New York. 


ESPN College GameDay has tweeted about the Taylor interview tonight at 8pm ET, again involving the NFL Draft. 

We have our fingers crossed for more country from Taylor! We sure do love her old stuff!