Our 5 Favorite Covers From Throwdown 19 Artist Lauren Alaina!

Lauren Alaina has some AMAZING covers, but these are our 5 favorite!

August 20, 2019

Getty Images / Anna Webber / Stringer


Throwdown 19 is only 12 days away, and Lauren Alaina is going to be there! Check out our top 5 favorite covers Lauren has done! 

To get you into the Throwdown 19 mood, check out these AMAZING covers Lauren Alaina has done! Then, click HERE to buy your tickets to Throwdown! 


5. 'Belive' By Brooks & Dunn


4. 'Surrender' By Cheap Trick


3. 'Meant To Be' with Lyuke Bryan



2. 'Any Man Of Mine' by Shania Twain


1. Of course....Her American Idol Audition!