Taylor Swift Starts ANOTHER Feud With Her Old Record Label...But the Label has responded!

Just when you thought the fight was over, turns out it may just be getting started

November 15, 2019

Getty Images / Bryan Bedder / Stringer


Taylor Swift tweeted that her old Record Label, wont let her perform her music, but the Record Label says otherwise. 


Taylor has gone to battle before with her old Recod Label, Big Machine. She has been upset in the past, becasue she claimed the label would not let her buy the rights to her music. 


But just yesterday, Taylor took things to another level. Claiming that Big Machine would not allow her to perform her old music, or even present an award at the American Music Awards. 



However, Big Machine quickly fired back on Twitter, with their own message to Taylor. 



Obviously, what Big Machine says is the exact opposite of what Taylor is claiming. Taylor claimed that Big Machine is not allowing her to perform her old music, but legally Big Machine does not have the power to do that. Big Machine even goes as far as saying they have been trying to sit down with Taylor for months, they claim Taylor owes them "Millions of dollars and multiple assets". 


You know the expression, there are two sides to every story? I think this is what they mean. 

Taylor's fans have taken to Twitter, and hastag has started to trend, #IStandWIthTaylor.