Are These The Ten Best Country-Inspired Baby Names?

August 22, 2016

The website SoundsLikeNashville just did a list of the ten best country music-inspired baby names.  But it's just their opinion . . . they didn't analyze data to see if there was an uptick based on the popularity of certain artists.  Check it out . . .

1.  Bentley.  Supposedly it can be for a boy or girl.  Although you could argue it comes more from the car rather than Dierks Bentley.

2.  Blake.  Blake Lively made it more popular for girls again.  Then Blake Shelton brought it back the other way.

3.  Cash . . . for a boy, obviously.

4.  Dixie.  You could argue this one make sense because the Dixie Chicks are making a comeback.  You could also argue it sounds better at certain gentleman's clubs involving poles.

5.  Dolly.  Or you could keep it even more old school and go with 'Jolene.'

6.  Faith

7.  June

8.  Nash

9.  Paisley.  Brad made it cool again, but obviously it's a girl's name.

10.  Rhett.  For Thomas Rhett . . . AND his dad Rhett Atkins.  But this one ALSO works for girls.