The Five Most Common Things We Wish We'd Done

March 1, 2016 released a new survey yesterday on the most common "life goals" people have, but haven't accomplished yet.

Overall, 76% of people said they haven't made as much progress in their professional and personal lives as they'd like.  And 66% said they currently feel stuck in a rut.  Here are the five things people WISH they'd accomplished by now.

1.  Starting your own business.  It was the most popular answer overall.

2.  Going back to school.

3.  Taking a job outside the state or country you live in.  Obviously you have to leave your friends and family behind to do it, so it's risky.

4.  Telling someone off.  Which is weird, because does that really qualify as a "LIFE GOAL"?  (???)

5.  Traveling alone.

The other popular answers were proposing to someone . . . trying an extreme sport . . . and writing a book.  And the top reasons people gave for NOT accomplishing their goals yet were money . . . not knowing how to start . . . lacking confidence . . . and not being able to get motivated. 

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