Can You Guess Who This Grew Up To Be?

December 14, 2016

Just a newborn and already making a statement. Can you guess which member of our Wolf Pack this is? Here are a few clues...

In school, teacher's would describe this child as a sweet kid who talked too much.


Growing up, this child was definitely the loudest and most talkative among the other kids in the household.


Not old enough to purchase gifts, this kid would wrap half used markers to give to friends. (It's the thought that counts, right?)


After spending a few months abroad, this kiddo came back to the United States and had forgotten how to speak English!


While a handful, this kid was also responsible making it over 30 years before ever getting into a car accident.


Got any guesses?


If you guessed Fitz, you're wrong.


If you guessed Wingnut, you're wrong again.


But maybe you guessed...


ELLEN TAILOR?! If you did, you're correct! That newborn picture describes her perfectly, doesn't it? ;)


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