December 4, 2017

Crime in Coupeville:

The news you were never really meant to see or hear about....ever!

- According to the Whidbey News- Times this past early November a Coupeville man is being accused of beating a dog to death with a  pickaxe?!? He was confronted by local PD with a chainsaw in hand and he unsuccessfully tried to start it as cops arrived on site. (No this man was never invited to carve turkey dinner ever again by his family thankfully)


- A man shot and wounded by a police officer last week in Oak Harbor scene, said Washington State Trooper Heather Axtman, and the documents also state he was contacted recently by the Oak Harbor Police Department on Octobwer 18th.  The Man aimed a BB gun at a woman officers and local eyewitness state. (Sometimes watching a Christmas story on 24 hour repeat, wishing you had a red rider bee bee gun can be a really bad thing)