3 Social Media Mistakes That Can Get YOU Fired!

February 15, 2018

ID 62493661 © Lukas Gojda

Have you ever been fired over something you did on social media? For some it's where they go to vent their frustrations about everything. But it's a good rule of thumb to remember that ultimately your employer can see this, and it can get you fired. So it's always a good reminder to clean up your social media especially if you are on the hunt for a new job. 

Here are the top three things to avoid on social media to ensure you can keep your job! 

1) Don't broadcast complaints. Complaining by the water cooler is one thing, but putting it on the internet, is like shouting it on a megaphone, in Times Square on a wrecking ball. Really really public. There are some supervisors and managers who do regularly check the social media accounts of their employees. If you are complaining all of the time, even to yourself, it’s probably time to evaluate your social media and your attitude. 

2) Posting company sensitive secrets. Papers, documents, whatever, a lot of the companies information is for employees only. You could be letting competitors steal the secrets of the company.

3) Video is undeniable truth. Vine is awesome, but it's also irrefutable evidence is you are breaking company policy! So downing that fireball shot with friends and posting it on Facebook the night before calling in sick is not a good idea.