6 Reasons Why We Think Carrie Underwood Will Surprise Us at Super Bowl!

January 16, 2018

We're just over here trying to connect all the dots that Carrie Underwood is leaving for her fans. AND if we are as good of sleuths as we like to think we are, that means Carrie Underwood will make a Super Bowl appearance! YEE! 

Here's what we know! 

1. Carrie Underwood has teased that she has new music coming that will be released on the day of the Super Bowl called "The Champion". 

2. Carrie keeps adding the hashtag #SBLII to her posts, which of course stands for Super Bowl LII. The game will air live from Minneapolis February 4 on NBC.

3. Carrie sings the theme for NBC's Sunday Night Football, it seems logical Carrie could find her way into this year’s biggest football matchup of them all.

4.  Justin Timberlake set to do the halftime show and Pink on board to sing the national anthem. 

5. Justin Timberlake is coming out with a country album and knows Carrie Underwood. Maybe he needs a female counterpart during his half time show?! A female counterpart that is absolutely no risk for a "wardrobe malfunction" like Justin's last Super Bowl appearance with Janet Jackson. 

6. What will Carrie's involvement be?  HALF TIME SHOW... OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!