Adulting 101: Yes, There's Actually a Class for This Now

June 7, 2019

There's now a class for high school kids to teach them how to "adult". 

You know basic things like laundry, checking the air pressure in your tires, basic cooking skills. It's a three day course for seniors and was created by a Kentucky high school's college access resource teacher, Sara Wilson-Abell.

"We're preparing students for life after high school," Wilson-Abell said. "Yesterday was all about money, today it's home and health and tomorrow it's about being a professional."

The students also learned about car maintenance, washing clothes and cooking food.

"Adulting 101" has been a big hit with the kids too. 

"I learned a lot about how to do my laundry. I mean, I kind of knew some aspects of it, but I never sorted by clothes or anything like that," Student Lilly Farmer said. 

Let's face it. Us adults know that adulting is hard. 

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But our question is... what are the parents teaching their kids at home? But then again, it does take a village and this class I'm sure is a time-saver and helper to those parents. It's also a help to all  of  us in society when our kids are  better prepared for the "real world".