All The Ways YOU Can Meet Thomas Rhett!

May 14, 2019

Kevin Winter / Staff/ Getty


If all you want in life is to meet TR, well... hang with your Wolf this week and we'll put you face to face with Thomas Rhett! We've got several ways for you to win! 

First you can hit up our afternoon guy Alek at Jennings Equipment off River Road in Puyallup for the Kubota Field Event this Saturday from 11 am to 1 pm!

There's also the Thomas Rhett Pre-Party at Steel Creek in Tacoma with DeAnna Lee on Saturday! This Free Admission event kicks off at 3pm right before the concert at Tacoma Dome, stop by for some great food, and a chance to win Thomas Rhett Meet and Greet Tickets!

And finally on sight at the Tacoma Dome with the Wolfpack starting at 5 pm! We'll be there with a live DJ, a stage, and  tons  of backstage passes and ticket upgrades! 

This is a Thomas Rhett weekend, and  it's all about YOU getting backstage! So hit us up!