Beastmode Hints at Retiring, Gives Life Advice to Young Players, And Has a Moment with Aaron Rodgers

January 13, 2020
Jamie Squire / Staff/ Getty

Jamie Squire / Staff/ Getty


Marshawn Lynch hinted that he might have just played his last game in the NFL! 

Beastmode came out of retirement to help the Seahawks in the post season after we literally lost all of our running backs. Marshawn then ran for two touchdowns in his team's 28-23 divisional-round defeat to the Packers. He definitely did his job! 

His post game interview started in true Beastmode fashion with one or two words answers. Then Beastmode opened up with some safe advice for younger players. If you're confused "chicken" means money. 

Then Marshawn Lynch did something that is never done... he walked into the Packers locker room to congratulate Aaron Rodgers. 

We sure hope Sunday's game was not Beastmode's last. The first thing I thought after the Seahawks heartbreaking loss was that at least we get to see Marshawn play next year. But if not, he will finish his career with 85 regular-season rushing touchdowns and 12 postseason rushing touchdowns.

He will also go down as one of the most popular athletes in the history of Seattle, largely for his ability to come off as genuine in an industry that sometimes lacks authentic personalities. In that way, his potentially final words as a player were fitting. - NFL Sporting News