Blake Shelton Defends Country Music Drifting From Roots

June 21, 2018



Blake Shelton feels like over the past several years one of the top stories is the sound of country music. He's also heard from older acts in country music saying the format isn't country anymore, and Blake doesn't agree. 

“I think it is drifting away from its roots. I think it's been doing that since it was invented. Nothing drives me more crazy then when you hear these old timers going, 'My God, it's just not country no more'. Of course it's not because nobody wants to buy and listen to their grandpa's music, their parents music. Music has to evolve. It has to change in order to stay popular. It is getting away from its roots but I think everything has to do that to survive and stay current and be popular.”

Blake Shelton's latest single harkens back to the roots of country music with "I Lived It". So it seems like with Blake country music can be both rootsy and progressive. Either way, we love you Blake!