Boot Boogie Babes Dance "Lose It" on Green Peace Boat

Choreography: DeAnna Lee Dance

June 19, 2018

It was sunny and 85 in Seattle yesterday (Monday, June 18th), so we took our rehearsal outside for the first time this year. When the Boot Boogie Babes rehearse outside, we like to go to a local park like South Lake Union near Mohai. There's boats and people everywhere, and it's a lot of fun to draw a crowd and meet new people. 

There was a huge Green Peace boat docked at South Lake Union, and they had an incredible birds eye view of the entire park. The Green Peace workers on the boat saw our rehearsal and invited us onto their boat to dance on their helipad!

We jumped at the chance because they, "travel to the poles of the planet to protect what we love. Welcome aboard! #SaveTheArctic #ProtectAntarctic"!  

You can learn more here:


So we jumped at the chance to check out this huge ship!

We got to meet Poppa Rob, a Korean Veteran! Thank you for your service and to all the others we met on the Green Peace Arctic Sunrise, thank you for having us! 

We've been rehearsing a new line dance to #Throwdown18 artist Kane Brown's "Lose It". So we decided to film it while we were on the boat. For only two rehearsals on this dance and just teaching it to the ladies last week, I think the Boot Boogie Babes did an amazing job! Way to go ladies! 

We're performing on the main stage at The Spur Fest this Saturday at 7 pm! We open for The Voice and Team Blake's Austin Jenckes!