Boot Boogie Babes Halftime Show at Everett Reign

April 27, 2018

Everett Reign women's full contact football team has their first home game this Saturday against the Portland Fighting Shockwave! The Reign are going into their home opener with a 1-0 record after winning their first game 22 - 0! Go Reign! 

DeAnna Lee and the Boot Boogie Babes have been invited to perform at their home opener too! 


Everett Reign's game is Saturday, April 28th at 6 pm at Goddard Stadium in Everett. You can get tix with the link in the tweet below: 


DeAnna Lee and the Boot Boogie Babes to perform three different times throughout the game including a half time show performance. 


The Boot Boogie Babes are inviting their sister teams, The Boot Girls and Boot Chicks to perform with them at the game! You'll see line dances to Thomas Rhett "Vacation", Aaron Crawford "Time to Get Dirty", and Colt Ford "Crank It Up"! 




Our DeAnna Lee Dance family is so excited to share the field with Everett Reign even if it's "raining", we're going to stomp our boots and have a blast! 



See ya Saturday! Go Reign!