Breaking Down #GitUpChallenge Step by Step... Just in Time for Throwdown!

August 13, 2019

Blanco Brown is bringing the #GitUpChallenge LIVE to the Throwdown stage! You know what that means?!!! You have to learn how to do the dance!  

When Blanco was in the Wolf's Coors Light Studio, he taught me how to do the dance. That night I took it to Boot Boogie Babes rehearsal, and we posted a video. It went viral almost immediately.  2.5 million views later, we know this is THE hottest dance craze in the world! 

So now it's YOUR chance to learn the #GitUp nice and sloooooooow. We're breaking it down for you step by step. So push back the chair, get the kids, and let's practice for Throwdown 19!