DeAnna Lee's Favorite Hometown Holiday '19 Moments

December 6, 2019
Hometown Holiday

What a crowd! What a night! Hometown Holiday 2019 proved to be the biggest guitar pull in America! It's all because of you Wolfpack and how much you love country music! 

These are just a few of the my favorite unforgettable moments from Hometown Holiday. I hope you had as much fun as we did Wolfpack. 


That time when Jon Pardi had no idea what day it was while Chris Lane has a little snack on stage! 

Getting to move Kaylee from Carnation and Samantha from Lake Stevens from the nose bleeds to the FRONT ROW! 

When you get moved from the back of the bus to the VERY FRONT ROW! #Hometown19 ------

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The MWP getting to chat with the "most festive couple"  at the show! 

Chris Young making his entrance in the VIP area! 

Everything about Jon Pardi! Just EVERY. SINGLE. THING! 

Chris Lane's boots though! 

The higher the the hair the closer to Jesus! Russell Dickerson's hair didn't disappoint! 

@russelled is here!!!! -- @carlypearce #Hometown19

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Speaking of hair... it's tradition for Filmore to take his hair out of his man bun for me! Shhh...don't tell my husband! 

Ladies! -- @filmoremusic is letting his hair down for us! -- #Hometown19

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Speaking of traditions, I had to get my #BootsUp photo. I do it every year. This time though I decided to pull a Kenny Chesney and go all  the way to the back of the bus! 

##BootsUp for #Hometown19 see you soon #Wolfpack! @SeattleWolf ------ ~ @deannaleedance

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Can we just take a moment and admire The Queen?! Carly Pearce brought  all the  beauty and talent to the Hometown stage last night! 

She’s here!!!! -- @carlypearce #Hometown19 --

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When Chris Young sang his new single "Drowning" and everyone pulled out  their cell phones! 

#Hometown19 is LIT

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Russell Dickerson has everyone on their feet for his number one single "Yours"! 

Getting to see some of my beautiful Boot Sisters at the show! Love these ladies! 

The cowboy whole stole the show! 

And finally getting to show you around the Hometown Holiday venue. From front to back, dressing rooms, backstage, VIP, to front of house,  it's all here! 

Thank you for making Hometown 19 the best country music show of the year! We're already working on Throwdown for next summer and Hometown 20! Have a happy holiday season and Merry Christmas! We love  you!