DeAnna Lee's Favorite Mom & Pop Shops


March 29, 2018

Today we celebrate those people in our lives that make our days better by being in business for themselves. They keep us fed and clothed. They take care of our children and cars and basically keep this great country we love running! Here's to our favorite Mom and Pop Shops that keep this world spinning! 


I'm a big fan of The Canine Collective! Ian Iddings is the owner, and he has made our lives with our French Bulldog Dixie Bell so much easier. Ian has a business where he will come to your home, pick up your pooch, put them in his doggie van and takes the pack to Magnuson Park to run and play for an hour and a half. Then Ian puts all the boogers back into his doggie mobile and will deliver our Dixie Bell right back where he got her from our house. His fee is very economical too. Ian has been a life saver on days when both my husband and I work long days and can't exercise or take Dixie out as much as she deserves. Plus Dixie loves Ian like he's her second dad!

The best part is that Ian will take video and photos of your pup playing, so you can see all the fun they had while you were at work. You can see Dixie Bell in the back playing with her blue ball. Then she runs and passes up Ian filming the video. So cute!!! 


My husband and I love our neighborhood spots too! Our go to place for food, drinks, and friendly faces is The Nickerson Street Saloon. We know pretty much everyone that works there as the faces never change. Plus it's about a block and a half from our Queen Anne condo. "The Nick" as we affectionately call it sits right beside the Fremont Bridge and almost directly under the Aurora Bridge. They're one of the only businesses that have a parking lot where you can always find parking, AND they've got an incredible outdoor patio where you can soak sun on those rare Seattle spring days! Our favorite part about The Nick is that they are dog friendly. We've had all of Dixie Bell's birthday Paw-ties there with baloons and birthday cake, and The Nick never bats an eye. They typically join in for the birthday song too! So here's to you Nick! We love you!



Where are your favorite spots in the Puget Sound? Share with me!