Dixie Bell's Crazy Good Recovery After Back Surgery


April 11, 2018

Dixie Bell turns four years old on June 3rd, and she's already been through a lot in her three short years of life. She had surgery on her left knee last in January of 2017 for a floating knee cap that wouldn't stay in place. Most recently, Miss Dixie, as I call her ruptured a disc in her back. She was 80 percent paralized in her back legs. We rushed her to the hospital, and they performed emergency back surgery on Dixie.  The next day we got to see her. Dixie was still sedated and as you can see not feeling her best. 

I went back the next day to spend an hour with her. Dixie couldn't move a lot, but she was able to give all the Frenchie kisses. 

A week later we were bringing her home. Dixie Bell had to wear a diaper. She wasn't in control of the lower part of her body yet. 

We had to use "party pants" to help her walk, because Dixie's legs were still partially paralized. 

Then Dixie Bell started walking without her party pants. It's like a toddler just learning how to walk again! We were so excited to see her progress so quickly and so were her doctors! 

Dixie started underwater treadmill therapy six week after surgery! Give her peanut butter and watch her go! 

Then Dixie started getting that "Frenchie wiggle" back. 

Then she started climbing stairs... 

Now Dixie Bell is crushing rehab and starting to get back to her old self again! She's an athlete and wants to play all the time! 

We are now three months out from back surgery and Dixie is back running with her pack almost every day! As you can see, she's the leader! 

We love our lil' Dixie Bell. To our family she is everything! So we spoil her with lots of love and kisses everyday, and Dixie provides lots of entertainment!