Eli Young Band Hangs with DeAnna Lee to Chat Snoqualmie Casino Show

July 17, 2018

DeAnna Lee is joined by James Young the guitar player for the Eli Young Band. They chat about how the EYB now has six kids between them.  Plus how life on the road has changed with the newest addition to the band Mike Eli's son "Kash Eli" born just a few weeks ago. We also find out about the EYB's favorite spots in Seattle. And James dishes on what are the "biggest No No's on the tour bus" and who is always breaking them! 

You can see the Eli Young Band Friday, July 20th at Snoqualmie Casino's Mountain View Plaza. 

Tickets here: https://www.snotickets.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=240&_ga=2.116588998...

Listen to interview here: