Everything You Need to Know: Port Orchard Tornado

December 19, 2018

Just before 2 pm on Tuesday, December 18th a tornado ripped through Port Orchard near the Wal-Mart. It was instantly all over social media with videos of the twister and quickly following the damage it had caused. Thankfully no one was seriously injured and no lives were lost. Now it's time to clean and help those who have been displaced. 

We've got all the places where you can get a free meal, free hotel rooms, a Port Orchard disaster relief Facebook page to find friends, help, and volunteer. The Port Orchard community is pulling together to help one another out and it's truly heart warming. 

This photo was sent to us by Jasmine Schuchard. This is the view from her front porch and the damage the tornado caused to her neighbor's yard and home. 

That One Place resturant in Port Orchard is offering a free meal to anyone displaced by the tornado. They are telling customers, "your money is no good here". They are also making close to 40 meals to be delivered to local churches that have taken in famlies. God bless you That One Place! We know people that work there, and please know what a blessing you are to your community. 

Here's the Port Orchard Disaster Relief Facebook page. If you need help or want to volunteer, you can find it here. 


Also, if you are displaced there's a hotel in Purdy that is offering free hotel rooms for three days. 


You may have seen some of these videos of photos, but it's so hard to imagine a tornado just before Christmas that we can't stop looking at the magnitude of it all. Some of the most shocking videos are coming from eye witnesses. 

Most of these videos are all going viral as the Port Orchard tornado made the national news. 

Here's videos from people in Port Orchard who lived through the tornado as first hand witnesses. This is so scary! 

Thank God this two year old was ok. He was riding in the back of his parents car when the windows blew out. 

Look at all the debri flying everywhere! 

This video was caught first hand. 

Then after the tornado, a double rainbow was caught just across the Puget Sound in West Seattle. 

If you know someone displaced or that needs help, the Red Cross Northwest is here to help. 

A huge thank you to the men and women working around the clock to get power restored. There's only around 700 people left this morning (Wednesday, December 19th) without power. 

If you want to give back and help those affected by the Port Orchard tornado, pleae give to the local Red Cross.