The First EVER #LunchParty with DeeLee & Wingo

#LunchParty Podcast

May 4, 2018

Not sure how we got the Boss to agree to this, but somehow we snuck it through the cracks. It's the launch of our very first podcast! We're calling it the "Lunch Party", because it's always a party when I get to hang out with Wingnut. He is one of my favorite people on planet radio! This guy makes me laugh so hard every day, and we are hoping to bring that crazy fun relationship to this podcast. 

So come get into the Lunch Party with DeeLee & Wingo where this week we talk "weird Washington laws" like how you can't harass or kill Bigfoot; who knew?! We'll share some hair raising ghosts stories to celebrate "Paranormal Day" and discuss all things Cinco De Mayo! Let's Party... Lunch Party!  

Listen to the first episode of #LunchParty right here!