Gwen Stefani's Grammy Dress Had Special Hidden Meaning for Blake Shelton

January 27, 2020
Rick Fury/ Staff/ Getty

Rick Fury/ Staff/ Getty




Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton hit the red carpet together at the Grammy's last night with Gwen in a very special dress. 

The "hidden meaning" behind the dress is so obvious, you might be like... oh yeah, I totally see that now DUH! Gwen wore a dress made of sea shells and told reporters, "I got to come to the Grammy's with Blake SHELL-ton. Get it? Shell-ton? Ba dum da"!  Can you two be any cuter? Seriously!! 

We just need more of this! 

Blake and Gwen definitely get the cutest couple award of the night! 

Then they performed their new duet "Nobody But You", and as if it weren't possible were even cuter and more in love! 

Look at them... 


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