Return of Beastmode to Seattle?!!

May 5, 2020
 Christian Petersen / Staff

Christian Petersen / Staff/ Getty


Is Beastmode back for the fall?! That's the rumor as talks unfold between Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks. 

In pure Beastmode fashion when asked about the rumors, Marshawn simply said, "it's almost on the expect the unexpected- if it works out, and I get back up there, it is what it is". 

Marshawn Lynch shared the news: 

He also said, if it doesn't work ou, "S*#! I'm living good so I aint really trippin' too much".

This was December 2019, and we all know the significant role Beastmode took on in the playoffs. 

That time he pulled us to within 5! 


Bring back Beastmode and the Skittles!!! Go Hawks!