Jason Aldean Never Thought He'd See "These" Bottles on the Bus

July 10, 2018

Jason Aldean's seven-month old son Memphis is getting his first taste of the road life! He's been joining dad on tour, but it's not exactly been smooth sailing having a baby on board. 

"He actually went out for the opening weekend of the tour. He did all right. He's still not sleeping through the night at home, so he's definitely not sleeping through the night on the road. But, he's doing pretty good. I think it's going to be fun to watch him out there kind of grow up around all of this stuff...and get to live it a little bit. Even though he's little, I want him to sort of have memories of that stuff. So, we'll see. I gotta get him sleeping through the night and then we'll see how it goes. It's a work in progress, I guess I should say"! 


Memphis helping me out with my interviews today for the new season of @officialbuckcommander . #buckcommander

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In addition to keeping him awake, the singer admits that baby having Memphis has "sure has changed things on the old tour bus. I was looking around my bus...and there's baby bottles and formula and diapers. I'm like, Man, that is not the kind of bottles I'm used to seeing on my bus! I mean, my bus life has changed over the years but it's awesome. I love it"!