Kacey Musgraves Confronts Fan Who Got Grabby at Concert

March 5, 2018

Kacey Musgraves has had it with male fans who try to domineer her—either physically or verbally. And good for you! We are fans of ladies who stick up for themselves and don't allow that kind of behavior EVER! 

Kacey posted a video on social media complaining about a fan who crossed the line while she walked through the audience after a show. In the video, a man can clearly be seen clutching hold of her arm. Kacey Musgraves reacted in the video and can be seen saying, "Ow! Stop that," and wrestling him off. She posted this: 



"ASSHAT ALERT: this guy grabbed onto me hard, shook my arm, and wouldn’t let me go," Musgraves captioned the clip. "Guess I’m gonna have to start carrying a rolled up newspaper out there with me."

A male fan on Twitter responded to the video with the comment: "Grow up Kacey, it was for a split second."



Then Kacey wasted no time and pulled no punches reacting to this criticism, blasting the fan:

 "I come up & hit your balls w/ a sharp ice pick - you fine with it tho it’s for a 'split second'?" she fumed. "You chastise + complain about me calling out a man who physically domineered me. PLEASE unfollow me and PLEASE seek immediate counseling for your chauvinistic rape-culture mentality."

The fan wasn't done yet and actually replied "It happens all the time at concerts."

Kacey wasn't done either and shot back: "My god. But really tho. Whoever you are - you’re seriously mentally imbalanced. Just because something “happens all the time” doesn’t mean it’s ok. You shouldn’t have to learn basic life stuff like this from the internet."

Then a lot of Kacey Musgraves' fans rushed to her defense, saying "thank you" for speaking out on the matter. "I admire your strength," said one.

Meanwhile Kacey Musgraves is prepping to share Golden Hour with the world, marking her third major-label studio album and first release since 2015's Pageant Material.