Luke Bryan Gives AI Contestant Boots Right Off His Feet

March 25, 2019

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Does it get any better than Luke Bryan?! He will give the boots right off his own feet to help an aspiring country singer. 

Luke Bryan noticed holes in the boots of an American Idol hopeful Colby Swift who is only 19 and gave him his boots during Sunday night's episode. Luke Bryan asked the camera to show the holes in Colby's boots. Then asked him what size he wears.  

"I mean, whatever fits,'' Swift said.

"Well, I'm a 12D, and I'll solve that little problem,'' Bryan said.



This is just the sweetest thing we've ever seen! 

Luke gave Colby his boots and told him,

"So Colby, those boots are made for walking to the next round"! 

Lionel Ritchie tweeted about the tearful moment...

Colby Swift got a standing ovation during his performance of "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" by Freddy Fender that helped him move onto the next round.  But he was eliminated in the group round later in the show. helps you create custom stickers, labels, tatoos, and decals for your business.