Luke Bryan's 12 Days of Prankmas Victim... His Mom!

December 16, 2019

Every year Luke Bryan and his wife pull of "12 Days of Prankmas" with her family. 

Each year these pranks get better and better. To start things off they decided to prank Luke Bryan's mom, LeClaire.  A comedian played a character named Trailer Trash Tammy who is an obsessed fan. Luke seems to be telling his mom about "Tammy" when she starts to approach. That's when you hear Luke say, “Mama, that’s that girl,”!  Tammy then chases after Luke and tackles him to the ground screaming, “I just wanna hug you!”

“Here we go...Day 1! ‘Trashy Tammy Takedown,” Caroline wrote in the caption of the post. “Sorry  we had to get you!! Don’t think we’ll ever top this one". 

This is so epic! Watch Luke's mom's face!! 

Here we go...Day 1! “Trashy Tammy Takedown” sorry @leclaire.bryan we had to get you!! Don’t think we’ll ever top this one. Thank you to @chelcielynnn @officerdaniels @blackmike2309 y’all were awesome!! @lukebryan @leclaire.bryan -- @blackmike2309 #12daysofpranksmas

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Cheers to 11 more of these... :)