Luke Combs Too Busy for Wedding Planning & Setting a Date

May 13, 2019

Mike Coppola / Staff/ Getty


We all know that Luke Combs star is exploding, and he is one busy man! His career has taken off over the past several months, and he's about to launch his very first headlining arena tour. 

Luke popped the question to Nicole Hocking while on vacation in Hawaii last November. But he now admits that he's just too busy to start wedding planning. 

“We’re just crazy busy. Especially this year,” shared the “Beer Never Broke My Heart” Luke told People Magazine. “We just haven’t had any time to sit back and be home for more than three or four days. And it’s just a really overwhelming process, doing what we do.”

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“Everything that you do is scrutinized or  put in the public light, so it can be like: How do we do this?” says Luke. “I don’t like the word ‘celebrity wedding,’ but how do you get a venue? Me and her would want to go look at the venue and make sure we like it. How do you go there and make sure that people working there aren’t going to say, ‘Hey, these people are getting married here?’ It’s an interesting process, but we’re looking forward to getting into it,” he adds. “We’ve got some time off later this year, for about six weeks, so I’m sure we’ll get into it then and get some things done.”

Luke and Nicole are so cute together! If y'all can wait to set the date, I guess we can wait too. :)

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