Maren Morris Fires Back at Rolling Stone Over Route 91 Tweet

April 18, 2018

Don't mess with Maren Morris! She's not afraid to call you out if you step over the line with something she believes is wrong. 

Maren's latest Twitter feud is with Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone tweeted "The ACM's had every chance to pay overt tribute to victims, survivors and first responders of the Route 91 shooting. Instead, they dropped the ball". 

Then Maren Morris fired back with "Honestly, this is so unnecessary. Artists who want to talk about Vegas HAVE talked about it and everyone just wants to exhale. How about you ask one of the country music fans who survived that night if they felt the “ball was dropped.” Or Jason. I think the ACM’s WERE respectful".

Maren Morris wasn't done yet. She let Rolling Stone have a bigger piece of her mind. 

What do you think? Did the ACM's pay enough tribute to the Route 91 victims? They started the show with the biggest stars in country music addressing the tragedy and paying tribute and honoring the victims. Then they moved into entertaining people and lifting them up. 

We applaud you Maren Morris for sticking up for your country music family and it's fans!