Midland Reveals Their Secret Celebrity Crushes

February 13, 2018

© Harper Smith


If we're being completely honest, we're always SO crushing on Midland! They are at the top of our New Country Crushin' list!  But we decided to turn it around on three of the sexiest New Country men to find out their secret celebrity crushes. 

Lead singer Mark Wystrach admits that his celebrity crush is a Victoria’s Secret model, Taylor Hill.  He says, “She’s like, to me, the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Jess Carson says actress Scarlett Johannsen is his celebrity crush, and Cameron Duddy says he caught a lot of heat for revealing his celebrity crush to the guys.
“I got chastised pretty hard the other day for this one,” says Cam. “She’s in Bull Durham, red hair beautiful as the day is long … Susan Sarandon.”

And it turns out, Susan is also is also Cam’s hall pass with his wife.  He says, “Susan Sarandon is like my ultimate hottie hot babe. She’s actually hotter now than she has ever been in her life. And so I’m putting it out there Susan, if you want a hot date my wife has already given me clearance. We can go out for a movie, some popcorn.”

Mark is offering his celebrity crush a date too.  He says, “Taylor, if by the off chance, if you’re listening to this, and, you know, you want to go out to a nice meal, not too nice, but like a medium nice meal …"