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Power Goes Out During Brothers Osborne NFL Half Time Show

December 2, 2019

It's only one of the biggest NFL football days of the year... Thanksgiving. Everyone is watching when the power goes out at the Detroit game just as Brothers Osborne takes the stage. 

Brothers Osborne were set to perform at the halftime show for the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears game on Thanksgiving. Just as they got ready to start their set, the entire stadium went black due to a power outage.


They weren;t able to really get going until about 7 minutes and 30 seconds were remaining on the halftime clock. But the game has to continue. So now  you have Brothers Osborne performing and players coming onto the field to get a warmed before the second half. Just crazy! 


Despite all of the technical difficulties, Brothers Osborne rocked out the Detroit stadium! They kicked off the set with their 2014 hit song, "Stay A Little Longer," followed by "Shoot Me Straight," the title track to their 2018 record. To wrap up their shortened performance, the duo sang their 2016 hit, "Ain't My Fault."

Celebrities were tweeting about  them and how well they handled the situation! 

Good on you Brothers Osborne! The show must always go on!