Remember All The Feels from #Hometown18?! We Do Too!

October 8, 2019

Hometown '18 was epic... I  mean EPIC! Before we begin announcing our Hometown '19 line up, which YOU are going to literally FREAK OUT over, trust me! Let's take a look back at last year's end of the year country jam! ALSO, make sure you're on the pre-sale  --> HERE!!!! 

There was undeniable star power on stage at Hometown '18 with Maren Morris and Brothers Osborne! 

Make sure when the Hometown '19 tickets go on sale get them RIGHT AWAY,  because they will sell out just like last year! 

Luke Combs, Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne, Kelsea Ballerini, Jordan Davis, and Mitchell Tenpenny... like what?!! Now that's a line up! 

We always give you the best backstage access! 

Pretty sure this is the happiest we've EVER seen @lukecombs! #Hometown18 --------

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It's a reason to get all dressed up for the holidays... 

My girl @mickiepate is always on point with her outfits! #Hometown18

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Maren was simply stunning... 

Head to toe... flawless! We love you @MarenMorris! #Hometown18

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Of course we can't forget about Matt McAllister dressing up like a giant bunny!!! Wonder what he's gonna wear this year?!! 

Who wore it better (#Hometown18 Edition): @MorningWolfMatt or Ralphie from "The Christmas Story"? (Is there really a winner here? @SeattleWolf)

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Maren and Brothers Osborne harmonizing was insane! 

The friendship on stage at #Hometown18 between @MarenMorris & @brothersosborne! --

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Kelsey Ballerini was gorgeous! 

This is how happy we are that #Hometown18 @KelseaBallerini got her first #Grammys⁠ ⁠ nominations! ⭐️----

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Say it with us... Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke! 

Congratulations on your #Grammys⁠ ⁠ nomination @lukecombs! You got our vote! #Hometown18 --

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We start announcing our #Hometown19 line up Monday at 7:20 am! Make sure you're on the pre-sale!! These tickets WILL sell out!