Tolls on Seattle Streets May Become a Reality

April 4, 2018

© Mihai Andritoiu

If you work in or around Seattle, you've seen this on your GPS way too many times... 

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If Mayor Jenny Durkan gets her way, Seattle city streets will be tolled by the end of her term in 2021. She reportedly told the Seattle Times that she hoped the "congestion pricing" would help ease traffic congestion downtown and help fight green house gas emissions. 

A tolling study will have to be conducted first to figure out just how much to toll for "congestion pricing". The scariest part is that the city could impliment the toll without state legislature approval, but it will most likely need to be approved by voters. 

Also it is not clear what streets would be tolled. We also do not know if it will be entire roadways or individual lanes. 

The Highway 99 tunnel will open will a new toll soon, and it is expected to push a lot of traffic onto downtown Seattle streets to avoid paying the toll.