Way To Go Everett: Named Best Staycation Town in America!

March 6, 2018

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Go on Everett, do that thing you do! Expedia has named YOU the number one destination when you want to take a "staycation"! 

From the Expedia article: 

Seattle isn’t the only gorgeous city in the Puget Sound. Everett is just a ferry ride away from Whidbey Island and a short drive to Seattle attractions. You don’t ever have to leave this waterfront wonderland to have a refreshing break from the norm—and we’re not just talking to people with bosses named Norman.

Let's take a tour of Everett in one of their local "City Skinny" reviews... 



Did you know that Everett was named after Everett Colby, son of founder Charles L. Colby? It's a short 25 miles north of Seattle and the 7th largest city in Washington. This is not the first time Everett has been honored. It received an All America City Award in 2002.



Take a walk on the dock at the Port of Everett. On a foggy day it makes the dock seem extra long! 

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Everett is also a short ferry ride from Whidbey Island that is home to one of the most magical hikes and drives at Deception Pass State Park.




Are you completely convinced Everett is the best "Staycation" town in America? Maybe you'd like to move here! You could rock this Open House:



The Herald in Everett gives you the low down on what to eat, see, and do in their city! 



We're proud of you Everett! You are one beautiful city! 


Book your Everett staycation now before everyone else hears about this!