You Mad Bro' Seattle? Richard Sherman Leaving Seahawks

March 9, 2018

© Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


It's the end of an era for the Seattle Seahawks as the news that Richard Sherman is leaving. Sherman will officially be released from the Seahawks today (March 9th). 


As you process this 12's, let's simply start with the numbers. Richard Sherman is the best in the biz! 



And there's this stat: 



How could ever forget the famous "NOPE" play that put the Seattle Seahawks into the Super Bowl?!! 



We loved Richard Sherman when he was controversial! 



So where will Richard Sherman end up? The Bleacher Report has a few guesses... 



Wouldn't it be totally weird if Richard Sherman ended up with the Patriots? Uh... we might have just thrown up in our mouth a little. 



We'll always say "those were the days"! Here's Richard Sherman after his first start as a Seahawk: 



Could this be the future for the Seahawks? 



As we continue to process the loss of Michael Bennett and now Richard Sherman, we just want to say THANK YOU! You made it a lot of fun to be part of the 12th Man for many years! Thank you for our Super Bowl win and the high the entire Puget Sound was on after that big win. It seemed like we were never going to come back down. But here we are, back to reality. We wish you well! Try not to stick it to us too badly when we see you on the field.