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Sam Hunt Not Willing to Give Music 100% Anymore

July 28, 2017

Like Republicans and Democrats, there will be a great divide among the reaction to the news that Sam Hunt is "not willing to give music 100% of me anymore.” Some might be heartbroken while others might shout, "Good riddance" Regardless of what side of the aisle you're on, here's what we know.

Earlier this year, the president of his record label hinted at a new album and boldly stated that a timeline had already be set in place. Fast forward to an interview Sam Hunt did with the Boot where he says the complete opposite, "I don’t want to come off as I don’t — you know, [that] I’m not excited about making music or I’m not very hopeful to have new music for the fans ... but, you know, I’m in a place in my career and in my life where I’m not willing to give music 100% of me anymore.” But what about the timeline even your manager admitted to?! Hunt continues, “No, I don’t [have a timeline], to be honest.”

His debut album Montevallo was largely inspired by his now wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, who he spent years trying to win back. They had an on-again, off-again relationship that even included him taking at least seven trips back and forth to Hawaii over 90 days simply to convince her to be with him. While that worked out for his personal life, they married earlier this year, Hunt's career has taken over nearly every moment of every day. They say the first year of marriage is hard, but imagine a marriage to a man who's also married to his career!

Sammy, we get it, you can't take the money that you're successful career has brought you when you go. All you'll have are the memories of your life with the loves that fill it. We can't blame you for wanting to take some time but please, don't leave us for good!