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October 25, 2016

My mom has been in town visiting my sister and I from Michigan. We're nearing the end of her two week stay and wanted to enjoy a girls only sleepover. But beforehand, we went to Target. Like most people, we didn't need anything but walked out of there with a ton of stuff including these onesies! At first Mom called them a waste of money but after snapping these pictures I'd say it was money well spent.

Each outfit was $20. My sister is wearing the dragon, Mom chose a unicorn while I decided on a leopard. Charlie's penguin costume was from Michael's.

#Meow || Mom said these #onsies would be a waste of money. I say it's money well spent. #HappyHalloween from our family to yours! -------- || #WhatsETWearing #magicdragon #puff #unicorn #leopard #penguin #halloween #yorkiechon #TargetStyle

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