Ellen Tailor's New Music Monday Pick

September 26, 2016

Ever hear a song and instantly know it's your favorite? That happened to me last Friday. The lyrics, the beat, the everything that makes up "Mess Of Your Weekend" had me hooked from the first note!

Matt Gary might not be a familiar name...yet...but to me, he's an old friend. I met him back in 2010 when he was making the rounds on a radio station tour and he's been hustling ever since. Now, take away any personal bias I have, can we talk about the lyrics to this song?!

"If you don't got a single plan for your Friday,
You can bring yourself over my way. Ain't got no doubt we can figure something out.
Maybe mix it up downtown, city lights, or we can take it way out, sling a little mud,

Or we can lock the door, clothes on the floor, what you thinking?
Let me make a mess of your weekend."

Helloooooo!! Yes sir!!! Please, mess up my weekend!! (There simply aren't enough heart eyed emojis to include in the post to represent how I really feel.)

Give "Mess Of Your Weekend" a listen then tell me what you think! Find me on Facebook and/or Twitter and tell me about some new songs and artists you're absolutely loving. They might be featured in an upcoming post!