Ellen Tailor's Christmas Vacation in Photos

January 3, 2017

It feels good to be back! Rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on 2017. Before looking forward to what's in store, let's take a peek back at the last few weeks of 2016.

My dad, Pete the Greek, made the trip from Michigan to Seattle. We celebrated the holidays in the first home I ever purchased. That was a cool moment. That's an understatement actually. My parents came to this country from Greece so their kids could have a better life. I live everyday trying to make them proud and having my Dad, in MY home, man, that was indescribable. He even brought along some old photos for us to reminisce through.

While my pops came here, my sister traveled back to the homeland to spend a few days with our mom. (Oh the joys of a divorced family, right?) We had to wait a few days before we could exchange Christmas gifts. Charlie couldn't handle the suspense. And yes, I had two trees because I couldn't decide which one I wanted so I got both. :)

What would a holiday vacation be at Casa de Tailor without a trip to Snoqualmie Casino? My dad isn't a big gambler but he had beginner's luck and it rubbed off on me! We ate at 12 Moons and oh.em.gee. it was SO good...per usual.

My holidays were low key, filled with love, and everything I could have ever wanted. Here's hoping you had a great holiday season and are ready to take on 2017!

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