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The LOCASH Love Story That Sticks

January 26, 2017

It's rare to find love at first sight. It's almost as rare to find love at first listen but LOCASH's new single, "Ring on Every Finger," might be just that.

“I’ll put on a ring on every finger / Just to show that I’m legit / Gonna try my last name on ya girl / Just to see if it fits / If I could baby / Oh I would marry you a million times / Put a ring on every finger just to show the whole world that you are mine / Show the whole world that you’re mine.”

In country music, we love a love story and these guys put a much needed twist to this one. With so many songs nowadays talking about winning over a woman for a date, "Ring on Every Finger," fixates on the idea of making it last forever. Committment! (Who would've thunk?!)

Now some people will hate this song saying, "That's not country!" But the single written by Thomas Rhett will get stuck in your head, guaranteed. It's addicting, catchy, upbeat, and fun! If it's such a good tune, why didn't Rhett keep it for himself? He simply didn't have room for it on his last album but his loss is LOCASH's gain.

“Let’s spend this life together / Dropping F bombs like forever / With the whole world as a witness / Gonna flip that Miss to a Mrs.”

With a song like this, an equally upbeat video is needed, right?! Again, the guys of LOCASH deliver. And I've got the inside scoop on how you can recreate it!

The duo heads to Sin City and shows a group of bachelors and bachelorettes celebrating. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," is the saying we're all familiar with but in the video, the bride and groom sneak away from their respective parties to steal a kiss or two from each other. Awww!!!


While I can't tell you where to find love, I can tell you how you can recreate the "Ring on Every Finger" video and party like LOCASH does high above Sin City. The video was shot mostly at the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay. How do I know? I discovered the not-so-secret hot spot during my last trip to Vegas a month ago.

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Dig the song? Dig the message? Dig the video? Good! Bravo to LOCASH for getting us excited for summer 2017 with this hit!

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