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Meet Ellen Tailor's New Foster Puppy

March 2, 2017

Meet Fred! He's our first foster pup from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. Fred's a 10-week-old wire haired terrier mix and is looking for his forever home. In the meantime, he's living at our house and my dog, Charlie, is teaching him the ropes.

A lot of people are asking why I don't keep him as a brother for Charlie. As tempting as it is, Charlie and I made the decision we could help a lot of puppies by fostering as opposed to just adopting one. It'll be hard but we know Fred is going to make his new family oh-so-happy! If you're interested in adopting him, email adopt@motleyzoo.org.

I apologize in advance for all of the puppy pics I'll be posting on my social media. Actually, sorry not sorry. ;)

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