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An Open Letter To Seahawks Rookie Alex Collins

October 7, 2016

Dear Alex,

I know you've been here for a bit but I'd like to officially welcome you to Seattle and the GREAT Northwest! My name is Ellen Tailor. I co-host the morning show on 100.7 The Wolf. Maybe you've heard of us? We've definitely heard of you. Especially your love of country music.

You first caught my attention on Instagram. Don't worry, I'm not trying to slide in the DM. (That's what Snapchat is for.) When our buddy, Rodney Atkins, posted you singing along at an autograph signing, I knew I liked you!

This is awesome. Nice job @budda03. Good luck man. Repost @paniniamerica ・・・ @seahawks RB @budda03 does a little signing and a little singing in the @paniniamerica suite. #ratedrookie #whodoyoucollect #rookiepremiere #alexcollins #rodneyatkins

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Some things you should know about our country loving family in and around Seattle.

1) Don't let the beards, craft beer, and skinny jeans fool you. Drive 10 miles in any direction away from downtown and we're all kind hearted, wholesome individuals that love rooting on our favorite country boy (YOU!) every Sunday.

2) You might not be in SEC territory anymore, but we're pretty dang proud of the Huskies. (C'mon. Jermaine Kearse ain't half bad, right?) While we don't tailgate like you did back home, we SAILGATE! We shoot our Fireball on a boat instead of the parking lot before games.

3) Corn hole, corn on the cob, you name it. We love it. You have an open invitation to any of our events where I'll more than likely challenge you to a corn hole duel. (But don't worry, I suck at it so you'll probably win.)

This letter could go on and on and on but you've got a playbook to study so I'll wrap it up with this. Welcome again to the Great Northwest. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Go Hawks!!!

Ellen Tailor

Handle me with kid gloves cuz that's the only kind I wear. #NFCWest #Champions #Seahawks #GoHawks #LOUDER

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