Read If You Need Help With Your New Year's Resolution

January 13, 2016

Need help sticking to your New Year's Resolution? If you're like many people, you vowed to lose weight. I'm right there with you. By the second week of January, most of us have long given up.

I need some motivation to stick with it, especially since Valentine's Day is a month away. The only thing I've done that's ever really helped me is a DietBet Challenge. Many of you have joined past challenges but in case you don't know, here's how it works:

-Bet on yourself to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks.

-You can lose the weight however you wish. (ie. Weight Watchers, working out, low carb, FitBit, whatever!)

-Acheive your goal and split the cash pot!

I'm betting $30 on myself. In the past, I've doubled my bet but more importantly, I actually stuck to my "healthy lifestyle" and dropped the pounds.



The next DietBet Challenge begins THIS Tuesday (January 19th) and runs until February 15th. Perfect timing to get HOT for your honey on Valentine's Day, right?! ;) Are YOU in? Join the Challenge HERE. Please share this post with your friends as well! The bigger the pot, the bigger the payout but also the more motivation and support we'll all have. 

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