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WATCH: Lee Brice Gender Reveal!

January 26, 2017

Lee Brice is excited to grow his family. Lee and his wife, Sara, are expecting baby number three and with gender reveal videos being all the rage, they created their own to share the news with their friends, family and fans. Already a dad to two sons, Takoda, 8, and Ryker, 3, could the country singer be hoping for another boy? Or does his wife want to add a little more pink into their lives? What about the boys? It seems Takoda has a hunch he's about to have a little sister.

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The parents gave the kiddos two cupcakes to bite into. The inside would either be pink or blue depending on the gender of the baby. And the moment of truth is here! The Brice family is expecting a baby...

We got the family together last night for a little gender reveal, and we're having a...

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Congratulations and best wishes!

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